Sustainable Jersey for Schools empowers schools through training, financial incentives and support to develop sustainability programs that will build a brighter future one school at a time.

In 2009, after years of development, Sustainable Jersey launched a sustainability certification program for New Jersey municipalities. The program was created from a partnership that includes the New Jersey League of Municipalities, the Sustainability Institute at The College of New Jersey, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

The content of the municipal program was developed from the work of 22 volunteer task forces composed of New Jersey leaders, experts and organizations, including government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses. Sustainable Jersey is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a Board of Trustees. Sustainable Jersey also facilitates the work of the NJ Resiliency Network, a program that helps communities access technical and financial resources to address long-term recovery and resiliency issues for post-Sandy municipalities in New Jersey.

Sustainable Jersey for Schools

On June 25, 2013, Sustainable Jersey and the New Jersey School Boards
Association (NJSBA) announced plans to create a voluntary sustainability certification program called “Sustainable Jersey for Schools,” designed specifically for New Jersey’s public school districts and public charter schools.  Similar to the municipal program, Sustainable Jersey for Schools convened experts, local school officials, educators and other stakeholders to determine the content of the program.  On July 22, 2013 over 100 people attended a kick-off meeting at The College of New Jersey where working groups, representing the various partners began to define the program standards and actions that would advance schools toward certification. After a little over a year of development with over 12 volunteer task forces, Sustainable Jersey for Schools was launched on October 28, 2014.