Annual Awards

Each year Sustainable Jersey for Schools presents awards to the Sustainability Champions at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, leadership, green team collaboration and sustainability makes $ense awards.  Award winners are selected from the schools that were certified in the designated award year.

Sustainability Champions

The Sustainability Champion award recognizes schools that have scored the most points in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Elementary School Champion

  • 2018: Three Bridges Elementary School (605 points)
  • 2017: George L. Catrambone Elementary School (485 points)
  • 2016: Reeds Road Elementary School (415 points)
  • 2015: Three Bridges Elementary School (390 Points)

Middle School Champion

  • 2018: Long Branch Middle School (350 points)
  • 2017: Long Branch Middle School (355 points)
  • 2016: Alder Avenue Middle School (275 points)
  • 2015: Galloway Township Middle School (360 Points)

High School Champion

  • 2018: Jackson Liberty High School (355 points)
  • 2017: Long Branch High School (285 points)
  • 2016: Egg Harbor Township High School (390 points)
  • 2015: Egg Harbor Township High School (360 Points)

Green Team Collaboration Award

The green team collaboration award recognizes municipal and school green teams working together to advance sustainability in their schools and communities.

  • 2017: Delran Township School District and Delran Township Municipal Green Team (Burlington County)
  • 2016: South Orange Maplewood School District and Maplewood Municipal Green Team (Essex County)

Sustainability Makes $ense Award

This award recognizes a district that has demonstrated exemplary progress in sustainability which results in cost savings to the school district.

  • 2018: Readington Township School District (Hunterdon County)
  • 2017: Lawrence Township Public Schools (Mercer County)
  • 2016: Long Branch Public School District (Monmouth County)

2015 Leadership Awards

The Sustainable Jersey for Schools Leadership Award is presented to the district(s) that coordinated the work of multiple schools and enabled all schools in the district to achieve Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification in the first program year: Cherry Hill School District, Egg Harbor Township School District, Medford Township School District, Readington Township School District, Wayne Township School District.

View the full list of schools certified in 2018 HERE.