Digital Schools Actions Under Development

The Sustainable Jersey for Schools Certification Standards Committee has approved the Sustainable Digital Schools Transition Committee’s recommendation to proceed with the development of the following slate of Digital Schools actions:

Authentic Application of Digital Learning Tools and Content Focus on tech tools and applications proven to foster student growth, provide immediate feedback, differentiate instruction, connect learning to real world problems.
Blended and Remote Learning Teachers and students will use tools and processes for online learning that allow them to work on demand both in-campus and off-campus. Will be implemented by revising existing Student Learning actions.
Commitment to Digital Learning District-level planning commitments across all digital education areas.
Community Engagement Communications plan and activities regarding digital learning.
Data Safety and Security Policy Data governance and security, student/educator data safety protocols.
Digital Citizenship Students will understand their responsibilities when using technology and when accessing online resources and people.
Equity and Access to Digital Learning Understanding of student needs; focus on under-served populations; assure equitable access to resources for all students.
Hardware: Education Alignment and Sustainability Inventory management, waste disposal, access, process for assessment.
Infrastructure Broadband, WiFi, servers, process for assessment.
Personalized Learning and Growing Independent Learners Promotes student voice and choice, helping students become independent learners.
Professional Growth and Collaboration Demonstrates Professional Learning implementation at teacher level, creation of professional learning networks.
Professional Learning and Capacity Building Establishes district support for Professional Learning to build capacity for growth and expand staff capabilities to serve students.
Social Emotional Support In the digital realm attention to student mental health, balance of screen time usage, and online HIB are vital. Will be implemented by revising existing School Culture and Climate actions.
Support for Digital Teaching and Learning Student/teacher tech support, aligned with district mission and curriculum and instruction goals.

The new actions will begin to be posted on the website and appear in district and school online certification applications in December. For schools already active in Sustainable Jersey fro Schools, the new actions will provide opportunities to earn more points and achieve higher levels of certification. For districts formerly active in the FRS-NJ progress made in completing FRS-NJ program requirements during the past two years will count toward meeting the new action requirements if the standard is met.

In addition to the new actions, Sustainable Jersey for School will provide access to professional staff support, detailed guidance material, training, technical assistance, and access to ancillary funding sources (if funding is available).