FRS-NJ Archive

The FRS-NJ certification program evolved to be a powerful force for equity and progress in New Jersey, thanks to the many New Jersey organizations and school districts that contributed time and talent, and the funding provided by the  New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA).  Through its evolution, FRS-NJ diverged from the national program in substance and in approach.  To avoid confusion with the national program, and to expand the linkage between FRS-NJ and other New Jersey specific initiatives, priorities, and programs, the original partners of FRS-NJ, NJSBA and NJDOE, agreed to formally separate New Jersey’s program from the Future Ready Schools national brand (a subsidiary of the non-profit Alliance for Excellent Education).

Over the last three years, schools and districts across New Jersey have been breaking down silos to collaborate with and support each other through the FRS-NJ certification program. Silver District Distinction recipients were recognized for achieving silver certification for all district schools and their efforts to their success with the New Jersey educational community so that others may follow in their footsteps.

Districts of Distinction



View the full list of FRS-NJ certified schools here.

2019 FRS-NJ Indicators

The former FRS-NJ indicators are listed below in order for schools to continue to access this content during the transition. Please note that per an agreement with the Alliance for Excellent Education all Future Ready Schools branding has been removed.

The indicators highlight the steps schools can take to expand local school districts’ capacity for digital learning and ensure that all students have access to the resources necessary for instruction in a digital age, whether in school or remotely. The new Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools task forces will work to update and consolidate this content into new Sustainable Jersey for Schools actions. Progress made in completing FRS-NJ program requirements during the past two years will count toward meeting the new action requirements if the standard is met.