Remote Digital Learning Roadmap

The Remote Digital Learning Roadmap is a primer and a practical guide for New Jersey schools, districts, and teachers to help them implement remote learning programs that provide every student with the best education possible, with as little disruption as possible, when schools are forced to limit in-person instruction. It uses research and gathers what many districts have learned to characterize the current state of the field and provide guidance and examples for schools implementing remote digital learning.

This is version 1.0 of the Remote Digital Learning Roadmap. As new models become available, as we learn from the successful efforts of teachers and administrators on the ground, and as we work together to develop new resources, the Roadmap will be updated. The Roadmap was created with the input and guidance of teachers, administrators, and academics. We invite your feedback and contributions to this critical effort. To provide feedback on this document, or to discuss the Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools Program, please contact Larry Cocco at  To obtain a Word version of the document, email

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced sudden statewide school closings in spring 2020 throughout New Jersey. It is no surprise, and no criticism, that all schools struggled with implementing new remote distance learning programs in real time.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic will not be the last time schools must suspend in-person learning. Extreme weather events, predicted to increase due to global warming, and future disease outbreaks, are just a couple of the reasons schools must build this capacity now, and for the future.

Of particular concern is the fact that the crisis has exacerbated existing inequities. The most vulnerable students, those with challenging home environments, limited access to computers and broadband, limited parental involvement, or that require ESL or have special needs, have been disproportionately impacted. The “digital divide” is growing. These students in particular require schools to build a robust remote digital learning capacity to ensure they do not fall behind when in-person teaching must be suspended.

The roadmap is the first product to come out of the new Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools program, a multi-agency partnership formed to help schools and their students prepare for a future of new challenges, during and beyond the pandemic. Access to, and mastery of technology has a tremendous impact on a student’s life prospects. As part of Sustainable Jersey for Schools, this new Program will provide ongoing guidance and support to help teachers, students, schools, and districts ensure that students are prepared to be economically competitive and engaged citizens in a technology infused future.


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