Program Benefits

Save money. Get money.

Schools will implement practices that lead to cost savings in energy, water and garbage bills. The program will help improve efficiency, cut waste and free up money for the classroom. Participating schools/districts will be alerted to available grant money.

Gain access to training, tools and expert guidance.

Participating schools will have access to clear guidance and NJ specific tools and resources for developing a comprehensive sustainable school program. Training workshops, webinars and leadership meetings will provide your school with the opportunity to connect with experts in important school sustainability issues.

Get recognized. Promote your school.

Participants in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program are promoted on our website, in our publications, in the media and at events. Schools that achieve certification are provided a customized logo that can be used on the school’s promotional materials. Schools will be honored at an annual event and awards recognize those schools that excel in leadership, innovation and collaboration. Program participation will enhance your efforts to achieve U.S. Department of Energy Green Ribbon recognition and/or EcoSchools Green Flag status. 

Improve your school and district.

Research shows that sustainable practices positively impact student academic performance. Kids learn best when there is good natural classroom light and excellent indoor air quality. Sustainable practices help create healthier learning environments that lower illness and absenteeism.

Conserve valuable resources. Protect the environment.

New Jersey is facing issues of climate change, energy crises, water shortages and environmental pollution. Schools need to be a part of the solution to these challenges and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship. Participants in the program will provide an opportunity for students to connect with curricula in environmental and science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) education which can also serve as a tool for interactive lessons. By becoming certified, you align your school/district with your community’s values while saving your resources as well as nature's.