School districts must register to participate in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program BEFORE any school in the district can register. Once the district is registered, schools can individually register.


School Registration Process

The school principal must write a letter of participation signed by the principal and superintendent. A sample letter is available for schools to use. 

The school also needs to identify the person who will be the primary contact for its Sustainable Jersey for Schools efforts. 


A school representative must create a website account by clicking sign in or sign up on the top left hand corner of the website.


After signing in, click on Register on the top right hand corner of the website.

On the Register page, select the county, district and school using the dropdown menus. 


On the Register Your School or District page, enter the requested information for the school contact and upload the school's Letter of Participation then click Submit Registration. 

Sustainable Jersey for Schools will confirm the school's registration via an email to school's primary contact and the district's primary contact.