2017 New Jersey Sustainability Summit

Local Action, Collective Impact

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 8:30am - 4:30pm

The College of New Jersey


The 2017 New Jersey Sustainability Summit will explore how coordinated local action can achieve an increased collective impact. Sustainable Jersey brings together a unique mix of public and private, state and local partners to support communities in achieving remarkable progress.

This event attracts over 300 diverse participants from across New Jersey. Attendees will participate in thought provoking conversations that focus on engaging government, community, schools, business and academia in sustainable action.

“The New Jersey Sustainability Summit provides an opportunity to hear how much progress is being made across the state as we all work toward building more sustainable communities.” -  Monica Coffey, Chair of Sustainable Margate

Sustainability Sessions

At concurrent sustainability sessions, participants will have the opportunity to learn, listen and discuss issues ranging from water resources, energy, waste, civic engagement and local economies to school and municipal green teams. The event offers an exciting venue for networking, engagement and collaboration.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to select the breakout session and the information session you would like to attend. Review the list of 2017 Sustainability Sessions and Information Sessions. 

Who Should Attend?

Sustainable Jersey and Sustainable Jersey for Schools green team and Task Force members, academics, elected officials, state and local agency representatives, business people, non-profit organizations and the interested public.



2016 New Jersey Sustainable State of the State Report

Read and Share the Report!

Volume I: Summary Report

At the Summit, Sustainable Jersey released the 2016 New Jersey Sustainable State of the State Summary Report. The report suggests 57 goals that define a vision of sustainability for New Jersey. Each goal has indicators that provide clues as to how New Jersey is doing in achieving these sustainability goals.  For each goal there is a brief assessment of our progress as a state. 

  • Download the report HERE

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Volume II: Technical Report

This volume contains the sources, data, and other detail that could not fit in the 2016 Summary Report.  For each indicator presented in the Summary Report the Technical Report displays the actual data in chart or table form, together with sources and some initial analysis, in some cases supported by data that goes beyond the indicators.

  • Download the report HERE

Sustainable State 2016 Update & the New Gold Standard

The establishment of "Gold", Sustainable Jersey's highest level of certification, forgoes the link between the municipal program and the broader, long-term outcomes desired.  The roll-out of gold began with energy and waste because they are fundamental dimensions of sustainability for which there are widely accepted metrics of performance supported by readily available quantitative data. 

  • Download the GOLD Standard HERE 

Next Steps

To stay up to date on development of the Sustainable State of the State, be sure to sign on to the Sustainable Jersey mailing list.

You are also invited to provide feedback on the Sustainable State of the State at any time by emailing Melanie McDermott at mcdermom@tcnj.edu.


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