NJEA Grant Cycle

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), as a Sustainable Jersey for Schools program Underwriter, is contributing $180,000 to support a Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants Program cycle.  With this contribution, NJEA has provided $1,000,000 to support a sustainable future for children across the state.

Application Information

The 2018 NJEA Schools Grants Program cycle will award:

  • Ten (10) $10,000 project grants to school districts and schools
  • Forty (40) $2,000 grants to support school green teams

Online Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 11:59pm

  Click HERE for the $10,000 School District and School Grant Application
Click HERE for the $2,000 School Grant Application

NOTE: All applications must be submitted using the online application portal via the links above.  You must create an account on the portal to access the grant application.  This account is different from the account used to access your certification application.

Also, please note that each Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grant cycle is unique.  Information on previously submitted applications is not carried over from application to application.  Previous applicants must create a new application each cycle.

Recipient Announcement Date: early-January 2019

  • A press event for grant recipients will be held in early-February.

Informational Webinar

An informational webinar was held on Friday, September 14, 2018, from 3:00pm - 4:00pm. The webinar walked watchers through the application process, reviewed the eligibility requirements and eligible projects, described the online submission procedures and shared tips for how to create a successful Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants application. You can view a recording of the webinar along with a copy of the presentation here on the Sustainable Jersey for Schools Webinar Recordings and Presentations page or by using the links below:


Use of Grant Funding

  • The $10,000 grants must be used to fund all or part of a project that will earn points for an action in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program. The Innovation Project action is acceptable.
  • $2,000 grants can be used for school green team expenses. Funding does not have to be for project specific activities. Grant funding may be used for a project that will earn points for an action in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program.
  • Eligible expenses include salary, stipends, supplies, materials, consultants, contractor service fees, equipment, program and educational materials. 

Eligibile Applicants

  • Be a New Jersey Public School District or School that is registered with the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program with a NJEA local association, AND have appointed a Green Team that meets the Green Team action standard.  The $2,000 grants are only for registered schools with green teams.
  • For more detailed requirements, visit the Eligibility Requirements page.

Turn Projects into Points

Successful grant applications often represent innovative projects underway throughout the state, and can act as a model and generate ideas for other municipalities.  Grant applications should always relate to the completion of a Sustainable Jersey for Schools action, or an innovative project.  Tips for project selection and actions to explore for certification points are below.

Project Selection

When selecting your project, consider the following to not only complete a project, but also earn points for certification:

  • Think outside the box and identify an action that will fill a need in your school.
  • Read the "project costs and resource needs", "what to do and how to do it", and "what to submit to earn points for this action" sections of actions you are considering for certification to see if any of the required items, resources, etc., can be covered by a grant. 

Actions to Explore

Consider submitting an application for resources needed to help complete an action for certification. Some actions to take into consideration are below. The full list of actions is available here.

  • Accessible Communications
  • Culture and Climate Needs Assessment
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Enrichment Programs through Partnership
  • Green Cleaning Training & Education
  • Green Fair
  • Healthy Food Choices Beyond the Cafeteria
  • iSTEAM
  • Professional Development for Sustainability
  • Programs to Promote Physical Activity
  • School Community Asset Mapping
  • School Wellness Council
  • Student Participation in the Arts
  • Waste Audit

Tips for a Successful Grant Application

Always make sure to carefully review the evaluation criteria, as this is what the selection committee bases their application reviews on.

Review the Sustainability Summit Presentation, "Funding Helps! Tips for a Successful Grant Application," to examine the key components of the evaluation criteria, and also read about some of the lessons learned from past grant projects.  Keep these things in mind as you develop your grant proposal so that it is clear, concise, and doable within the performance period.  


This Grants Program cycle is funded by:

If you have any questions, please contact grants@sustainablejersey.com

or call Kaitlyn Vollmer at 609-771-3189.


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