First 100 NJ Schools Register for Sustainability Certification

on Mar 13, 2015

100 schools within 47 districts register for Sustainable Jersey for Schools

Today Sustainable Jersey announced the first one-hundred schools that have registered for the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program. At the school district level, forty-seven districts have passed a resolution to participate in the program. After the school district is enrolled then schools within the district register by providing a letter of participation signed by the principal and superintendent. Registered schools form a green team and start the process to complete the sustainability certification. The registration process continues to accept new districts and schools as resolutions are adopted. 

Based on the successful Sustainable Jersey certification program for municipalities (74% of New Jersey municipalities participate), Sustainable Jersey for Schools promotes a comprehensive and results-oriented approach to sustainability. Participating schools can choose from 87 actions, such as performing energy audits, integrating sustainability into student learning, and boosting recycling efforts, to earn points for certification. The program helps schools rise to the critical demands and new challenges of the 21st century.

Donna Drewes who co-directs Sustainable Jersey with Randall Solomon said, “Hitting the 100 schools mark is a significant milestone because these schools are the state’s pioneers in sustainability. The district leadership and their communities understand that the program will help schools improve efficiency, cut waste and contribute to students’ wellness and overall education, especially in the key areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, often referred to as STEM education.”

Sustainable Jersey for Schools is now accepting grant applications from New Jersey public school districts and schools for sustainability projects. Funded by the PSEG Foundation, the Sustainable Jersey for Schools Small Grants Program will award public school districts four $10,000 grants for projects like food waste recycling, school gardens, school health assessments and renewable energy initiatives and thirty $2,000 capacity-building awards to support school green teams. Application proposals are being accepted through April 26, 2015. Visit the grants page to submit an online application.


Note: After a school district registers, then the individual schools in the district can register. This list represents the first 100 schools to register.  Registration is open and schools and districts are continuing to be accepted for participation.


  1. Alder Avenue Middle School
  2. Clayton J. Davenport Elementary School
  3. Dr. Joy Miller Elementary School
  4. E.H. Slaybaugh Elementary School
  5. Eagle Academy
  6. Egg Harbor Township High School
  7. Fernwood Middle School
  8. H. Russell Swift Elementary School
  9. Galloway Township Middle School
  10. Eugene A. Tighe Middle School


  1. Betsy Ross Elementary School
  2. George Washington Elementary School
  3. Joyce Kilmer Elementary School
  4. Mahwah High School
  5. Ramapo Ridge Middle School
  6. Indian Hills High School
  7. Ramapo High School
  8. Hawes Elementary School
  9. Orchard Elementary School
  10. Ridgewood High School
  11. Somerville Elementary School
  12. Willard Elementary School


  1. Howard R. Yocum Elementary School
  2. Maple Shade High School
  3. Maude M. Wilkins Elementary School
  4. Ralph J. Steinhauer Elementary School
  5. Chairville Elementary School
  6. Cranberry Pine Elementary School
  7. Kirby's Mill Elementary School
  8. Maurice & Everett Haines Elementary School
  9. Medford Township Mem. Elementary School
  10. Milton H. Allen Elementary School
  11. Taunton Forge Elementary School
  12. Tabernacle Elementary School
  13. Tabernacle Middle School


  1. Highland High School
  2. Timber Creek High School
  3. Triton High School
  4. Horace Mann Elementary School


  1. Cape May City Elementary School
  2. Ocean City Intermediate School


  1. Charles H. Bullock Elementary School
  2. Watchung Elementary School
  3. Jefferson Elementary School
  4. Tuscan Elementary School


  1. Clayton High School
  2. Clayton Middle School
  3. Herma S. Simmons Elementary School


  1. Clearview Regional High School
  2. Clearview Regional Middle School
  3. Holland Brook Elementary School
  4. Readington Middle School
  5. Three Bridges Elementary School
  6. Whitehouse Elementary School


  1. Bear Tavern Elementary School
  2. Central High School
  3. Hopewell Elementary School
  4. Stony Brook Elementary School
  5. Timberlane Middle School
  6. Toll Gate/Grammar Elementary School
  7. Pond Road Middle
  8. Robbinsville High School
  9. Sharon Elementary School


  1. Bartle Elementary School
  2. Highland Park High School
  3. Highland Park Middle School
  4. Irving Primary


  1. Cambridge Park School


  1. Rockaway Valley Elementary School


  1. Bayville Elementary School
  2. Berkeley Township Elementary School
  3. Clara B. Worth Elementary School
  4. H & M Potter Elementary School
  5. Brick Township High School
  6. Brick Township Memorial High School
  7. Drum Point Road Elementary School
  8. Emma Havens Young Elementary School
  9. Hebertsville Elementary School
  10. Lake Riviera Middle School
  11. Lanes Mill Road Elementary School
  12. Midstreams Elementary School
  13. Osbornville Elementary School
  14. Veteran's Memorial Elementary School
  15. Veteran's Memorial Middle School
  16. Warren H. Wolf Elementary School
  17. Lavallette Elementary School


  1. Clifton High School
  2. Clifton High School Annex
  3. Number 1 Elementary School
  4. Number 11 Elementary School
  5. Number 12 Elementary School
  6. Number 13 Elementary School
  7. Number 17 Elementary School
  8. Number 3 Elementary School
  9. Number 9 Elementary School


  1. East End Elementary School
  2. North Plainfield High School
  3. Somerset Elementary School
  4. Stony Brook Elementary School
  5. West End Elementary School
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