24 Schools and 5 School Districts Receive Grants to Fund Health and Wellness Actions

on Aug 24, 2015

Sustainable Jersey for Schools Announces Grants Funded by NJ Department of Health

Today, Sustainable Jersey for Schools announced the twenty-four New Jersey schools and five school districts that were selected to receive a Sustainable Jersey for Schools Small Grant funded by the New Jersey Department of Health. These grants will support school and district initiatives including wellness programs, water bottle filling stations, school gardens, healthy food campaigns, physical activity clubs, yoga programs and more.

Currently, 95 districts and 269 schools have registered to work toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. “These grants will support districts and schools that are registered with Sustainable Jersey for Schools as they tackle important health and wellness actions,” said Donna Drewes, who co-directs Sustainable Jersey with Randall Solomon. “This grant funding from the New Jersey Department of Health is especially important in this inaugural year of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program as schools work to become certified for the first time.”

The New Jersey Department of Health is funding the grants through its Maternal and Child Health Services Title V Block Grant. Technical assistance to grant recipients will be provided by three of the Department of Health’s regional partners: AtlantiCare (south), EmPoWER Somerset (central) and The Center for Prevention and Counseling (north).


  • 5 School District Grant Recipients: Mainland Regional High School District (Atlantic County), Delran Township School District (Burlington County), Glen Rock Public School District (Bergen County), Princeton Public Schools (Mercer County) and High Bridge Borough School District (Hunterdon County)
  • 24 School Grant Recipients: Carteret High School, Cherry Hill High-West High School, East Brunswick Vocational School, Egg Harbor City Community School, F.W. Holbein Middle School, Galloway Township Middle School, Grover Cleveland Middle School, Hampton Public School, Highland Park High School, Highland Park Middle School, Kenneth R. Olson Middle School, Long Branch Middle School, Louise A. Spencer Elementary School, Manasquan High School, Memorial High School, Middle Township Public School District, Northfield Community Middle School, Orange Avenue Elementary School, Renaissance at Rand Middle School, Rockaway Valley Elementary School, Rutherford High School, Union City High School, William Davies Middle School and WNY Middle School.

Proposals were reviewed by an independent Blue Ribbon Selection Committee. The Sustainable Jersey for Schools grants are intended to help school districts and schools make progress toward a sustainable future in general, and specifically toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.

5 School District Recipients of $4,000 Sustainable Jersey for Schools Project Grants (sorted by county)



Project Description

Mainland   Regional High School District


Develop   and enhance a high intensity and dynamic training Physical Education and Wellness   program for students.

Delran   Township School District


Identify   and gather key stakeholders to be part of the School Wellness Council which   will develop a plan to assess the school and community health environment and   create an action plan.

Glen Rock   Public School District


Promote   awareness of healthy lifestyles in students through education and implement   healthy food policies and practices.

Princeton   Public Schools


Implement a   district wellness challenge that will provide district-wide activities   designed for all employees with the purpose of demonstrating that small steps   can lead to big changes in overall health and well-being.

High   Bridge Borough School District


Expand the   school district’s garden beds and add a rain barrel, compost bin and small   greenhouse to keep the less hardy vegetables protected; purchase supplies to   implement hydroponic gardening.


24 School Recipients of $4,000 Sustainable Jersey for Schools Project Grants (sorted by county)









Project Description


Egg Harbor   City Community School

Egg Harbor   City


Establish   and sustain a newly purchased greenhouse year round for the school giving   students the ability to begin crops from seed in the greenhouse and then   transfer the sprouts into the school garden. Provide the students and their   families exposure to horticulture, healthy and nutritious food options and a   variety of hands on learning activities.

Northfield   Community Middle School

Northfield   City


Implement   "Stretch for Health and Wellness" physical activity program, which   will lead, coordinate, and promote enduring healthy, active lifestyles using   Yoga.

William   Davies Middle School

Hamilton   Township


Expand the   school’s existing raised bed gardens; assist in funding outdoor, total body   exercise stations; add 12 additional garden beds to school/community garden,   which includes 6 elevated beds for handicapped or elderly gardeners.

Galloway   Township Middle School

Galloway   Township


Help   students in science/math classes to develop revisions to current plot plan of   the schools garden beds and current irrigation system; help teachers to work   collaboratively on developing an expanded integration of the garden into   general and special education classrooms.

Rutherford   High School



Expand the   school courtyard to create a safe, protected area for faculty, staff, and   students to reconnect with nature in a tranquil and natural environment, for   example the School Assistance Counselor will utilize it for the school’s   Insight Group. This group provides small group sessions for at risk/high need   students.

F.W.   Holbein Middle School

Mount   Holly


Implement   a morning fitness club for grades 6-8 to promote physical activity, cultivate   habits for an active lifestyle, and educate both the mind and the body.

Kenneth R.   Olson Middle School

Tabernacle   Township


Develop   and implement the school’s “Morning Jump Start!” program, which will provide   approximately 15-20 minutes of structured physical activity prior to the   beginning of the school day, three days per week.

Cherry   Hill High-West High School

Cherry   Hill


Build a   raised-bed garden and rainwater harvesting system. The garden will be used to   teach special education students gardening, food prep and other life skills,   and to promote fitness, healthy living and healthy food choices.

Middle   Township #4 Middle School

Middle   Township

Cape May

Develop   and implement a Healthy Food Unit and Wellness Club, which will offer   different types of fitness each week, healthy cooking activities, guest   speakers, and healthy snacks.

Renaissance   at Rand Middle School



Upgrade   the school’s water fountains to water bottle filling stations with the   intention of promoting a healthy beverage choice for the students, and   encourage them to bring reusable water bottles with them to school every day.

Grover   Cleveland Middle School

Caldwell-West   Caldwell


Initiate   an updated physical education and wellness center program for students in   grades 6-8, as well as all faculty and staff.

Louise A.   Spencer Elementary School



Establish   a garden that offers free produce and spices to members of the school and   community.

Union City   High School

Union City  


Educate   and increase knowledge of health and wellbeing by providing workshops,   mentoring, community service learning, and additional exposure to physical   activity opportunities.

Memorial   High School

West New   York


Reinvigorate   the School Wellness teams with a training retreat; complete a school health   assessment using a diverse team, develop an action plan and track progress.

WNY Middle   School

West New   York


Reinvigorate   the School Wellness teams with a training retreat; complete a school health   assessment using a diverse team, develop an action plan and track progress.

Hampton   Public School

Hampton   Borough


Implement   a Wake Up Walking Club that encourages and facilitates students getting   physical exercise before the start of the school day by providing designated,   chaperoned walks around the school property.

Highland   Park High School

Highland   Park


Install two   water bottle filling stations in the school where conventional water   fountains currently reside; purchase reusable water bottles to distribute to   the students and faculty.

Highland   Park Middle School

Highland   Park


Install   one filtered bottle refilling station in the school; purchase 75 water   bottles/25 per grade to be raffled off to students who have completed   sustainable actions within the school.

East   Brunswick Vocational School

Middlesex   County Vocational and Technical


Educate   the students on making healthy food choices in health and physical education   classes, increase staff wellness with a pedometer campaign and increase the   size of the school garden by adding an interior garden.

Carteret   High School

Carteret   Public


Create a   ten-week yoga program; yoga sessions will be accompanied by mindfulness   training exercises.

Long   Branch Middle School

Long   Branch


Create the   "Fitness Fever, Catch It" program—a comprehensive physical fitness   program, which will address meeting and improving upon all NJ Core Content   Standards.

Manasquan   High School



Create and   support a school garden project.

Rockaway   Valley Elementary School

Boonton   Township


Implement   a climate and culture initiative to create a safe and positive place for   students to learn and thrive. The three-year process includes a series of   professional development and staff development exercises and assessments.

Orange Ave.   Elementary School



Add three   after-school clubs for students in grades 6, 7 and 8. All three clubs will   focus on co-ed active recreation in a noncompetitive setting.



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