Program Announcements

March 17, 2020

Dear Sustainability Jersey Community Members:

The COVID-19 crisis reminds us that, unfortunately, sometimes warnings from experts about potential disasters come true. It reminds us that investing time making preparations today to ensure our future well-being is time well spent. So much of what we do at Sustainable Jersey is working today to invest in the future by taking steps to build our strength and avoid future disasters.

Like many of you, the Sustainable Jersey staff is adjusting to a new online work environment and changing our operations to ensure that our important work together continues unabated. In the short-term, we are all working our normal schedules and available in the usual ways. Please don’t hesitate to call or email.

We are considering adjustments to the certification cycles and our events. These changes will be focused on providing schools and municipalities with more flexibility in getting certified this year and taking advantage of our resources. Announcements will be made through our bi-weekly E-Blasts. And this page will keep an updated list of program announcements.

A couple of program changes to be implemented immediately are:

  • All Sustainable Jersey events and meetings scheduled for March and April will be either postponed, cancelled, or moved to an online venue. Check specific announcements in the usual channels for details. Events in May and beyond will be re-evaluated closer to the scheduled dates.
  • The certification cycles are not cancelled. However, we are announcing a set of changes for the Schools’ cycle underway. Deadlines are extended, and for those unable to complete the cycle, certifications due to expire will be extended for a full year. See details of the revised 2020 certification cycle for schools here.

Beyond making it easier to participate in Sustainable Jersey, we are evaluating what our role should be in helping address the current crisis. Obviously schools and municipalities have a large role to play in getting through the current crisis. And we want to play the role you have come to expect from us; providing resources and guidance. In the short term, we encourage you to amplify the messaging that is coming from official sources, which means the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, from the State of New Jersey and the Governor, and from your municipalities and school districts. Practice rigorous social distancing, and help your neighbors and communities where you can.

More soon.



Randall Solomon
Executive Director
Sustainable Jersey