Maschio’s Food Services Receives the 2020 Sustainable Business Leadership Award

on Oct 29, 2020

Sustainable Jersey for Schools presented Maschio’s Food Services with the Sustainable Business Leadership Award which recognizes companies in New Jersey that demonstrate a significant commitment to sustainability. Maschio's Food Services is highlighted in the 2020 Awards Acceptance video.

Maschio’s Food Services is an outstanding example of how a food service company can take sustainability and community responsibility seriously and contribute locally to improving the quality of life in New Jersey. "Maschio's is honored and thrilled to be receiving the Sustainable Business Leadership award. We adopted sustainable practices early on when we started our company and as we grow, we build on those practices with our clients," said Sharon Tepper, director of marketing for Maschio's Food Services.

In a unique arrangement, Maschio's provides locally grown produce to schools directly from farms. Last year, Maschio’s collaborated with Race Farm, a fourth-generation family farm located in Blairstown, New Jersey. The farm has 2.5 acres of dedicated farmland to exclusively grow Maschio's produce. “Our partnership with Race Farm has dedicated several acres of prime farmland to support our continuing effort to provide the finest and freshest locally sourced produce to our students,” said CEO of Maschio’s, Ken Torchia.

Maschio’s is also at the forefront of promoting fresh, local foods as menu items in schools through their Farm to School Program and participation in the Buy Fresh Buy Local program. Maschio’s works with school administrators and other school professionals to incorporate and promote wellness as part of their overall food service program. The company encourages and presents nutrition awareness activities, which can be coordinated with classroom lessons.

Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey said, “Maschio’s is a much-needed sustainability partner to all of the schools they serve. They educate their staff, the school staff and the students about the benefits of fresh produce and the importance of growing food on a sustainable, local scale. Their commitment to waste reduction, school gardens and wellness reflects and contributes to the goals of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program actions.”

Maschio’s partnered with the BottleBox company to create sustainable food containers made from recycled plastics and bottles. With BottleBox, Maschio’s used 3.8 million recycled bottles last year saving 89,040 pounds of plastic from ending up in the landfill. Maschio’s Food Services also works to build stronger communities, lending their services to non-profit organizations such as homeless shelters, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs and Senior Citizens groups, among others.

Maschio’s Food Services, located in Chester, New Jersey, has been providing healthy, nutritious meals to public and private schools since 1992, when the company was founded by president, Frank Maschio and CEO, Ken Torchia.