Advancing Equity in Schools: Activities to Date

Since its founding in 2014, Sustainable Jersey for Schools has held social equity as integral to the holistic vision of a sustainable future guiding its mission. By implementing actions in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program, schools and school districts across the state have made a significant impact promoting social equity within the schools (e.g., Diversity on District Task Forces and Commissions, Accessible Communications, Inclusive Environments Where All Can Thrive), and in the community, both short term (e.g., Breakfast After the Bell) and in the long term (e.g., Education for Sustainability).

The Digital Schools Program was created in June 2020 to integrate new content that strengthens support for schools in meeting the challenges of digital learning. Certified schools are eligible to pursue the new Digital Schools Star recognition, which represents a commitment by districts and schools to assess current practices and implement effective and sustainable uses of digital tools, content, and strategies.

The new Digital Schools program empowers New Jersey public schools to address a profound source of social inequity by helping narrow and bridge the racial and economic gap in educational outcomes known as the “digital divide,” through implementing such actions as, Equitable Access to Digital Learning and Digital Citizenship.

In addition, Sustainable Jersey for Schools provides support to schools in racially diverse, lower income and lower capacity districts to take advantage of our program, through targeted outreach and technical assistance in implementing actions, obtaining our grants, and achieving certification.