Sustainable Practices Working Sessions

This free online training series presented by Sustainable Jersey for Schools and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), covers the Sustainable Jersey for Schools actions in detail. Participants will leave the training with a plan for achieving certification and engaging others in support of the certification process. Viewing these sessions can contribute towards the Professional Development for Sustainability action.

Sustainable Practices Working Session 1: Introduction to Sustainable Practices
November 1, 2020
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Sustainable Practices Working Session 2: A Districts' Role in Sustainability
November 19, 2020
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Sustainable Jersey for Schools Series for Education Support Professions

In the summer of 2020 NJEA and Sustainable Jersey for Schools collaborated to off a series of informative webinars for Education Support Professionals looking to enhance sustainable practices in their schools. Viewing these sessions can contribute towards the Professional Development for Sustainability action.

PowerSave Schools
Behavior-based conservation programs have been shown to impact school culture through an increased awareness of energy use, and to provide significant and long-term energy savings. Learn how schools across New Jersey have implemented student-led programs that assess energy use in the school, educate the school community about its energy use, and that actively promotes energy-saving behaviors among students and staff.
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Revamping Recycling
Is your school ready to do recycling right? In this webinar we will discuss tools for custodial success: having the right collection cart, allowing enough time for collection, placement of bins, how to conduct a waste audit and resources to help your school improve recycling rates.
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Managing School Food Waste
In the fall of 2019 NJ Department of Environmental Protection released new School Food Waste Guidelines. Find out how your school can reduce, redistribute, and recycle food waste.
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Stop the Soot- Anti-Idling Measures for Schools
What happens out in front of the school has an impact on the air inside the school. Learn from other NJ schools successfully brought students, parents, nurses and bus drivers together to implement anti-idling campaigns.
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