Project Modifications & Extensions

All grant recipients are required to submit a project modification proposal if there are significant changes to the original project budget or the scope of work.  A significant change in the project budget is defined as a greater than 10% reallocation of funding from one major expense category to another (i.e. from salaries to equipment or supplies to subcontractor costs). A significant change in the scope of work is defined as pursuing initiatives not included in the original grant proposal.

All project modifications must be preapproved by Sustainable Jersey for Schools before the project continues. Failure to do so may impact future eligibility. 

To request a budget modification:

  1. Complete the Revised Budget Template
  2. Email an explanation of the reason for the modification along with the completed Revised Budget Template
  3. Sustainable Jersey for Schools will review the modification and either approve it or ask for additional information as necessary

To request a scope of work modification:

  1. Prepare a revised proposal addressing all the items contained in the original grant application
  2. Complete a new Budget Template
  3. Email the revised proposal information and completed new Budget Template

  4. Sustainable Jersey for Schools will review the request and either approve it or ask for additional information as necessary.

Some examples of project and/or budget modifications include:

Original ProposalProject/Budget Modification

A school garden project for which the majority of the grant proposal budget was allocated to materials and supplies.

The school received donations of materials and supplies from local businesses, so now the green team wishes to use a portion of the grant funds to hire a contractor to improve the irrigation system.

What we need: Explanation of the change in funding using the revised budget template as well as a description of what the contractor will be hired to do.

A food waste collection program is planned for your school, with the goal to get 500 participants by the end of the year.

There has been a change in administration, and the school has shifted its goals and interests away from the food waste collection program and would now like to create an outdoor classroom with the grant funds.

What we need: A new proposal that answers all of the questions from the original grant application and includes a revised budget is required.