Reporting Forms

Every Sustainable Jersey grant has reporting requirements that must be fulfilled in order to close out the grant and, if it is a large grant, receive any final payment. All reports are submitted via an online form—the links for the forms are available on this page and will be emailed to the grant primary contact at least 30 days in advance of the report deadline.

If you are unsure if your municipality has an open grant with an outstanding report or you are unable to find the correct final report form for your grant, please reach out. Any questions about your grant can be directed to Kaitlyn Vollmer, Grants Program Manager, at 609-771-3189 or at



Grants Awarded 2020 and Earlier

At the end of June 2021, the online grants management system for the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program was discontinued and a new system was implemented. All grants awarded through the old system must submit any new or outstanding reports using the new system. All reports submitted on the old system by June 30, 2021 were downloaded and processed.

Any member of the project team is able to submit the final report for an outstanding grant award. In the table below, use the buttons next to the funder of your grant to access the final report form. You will then be able to select your specific grant from a drop down menu.

The online final report form must be completed and submitted in one sitting—there is no ability to save since a sign-in is not required. A final report template is also available for download if you would like to plan out the final report before submitting. You can share the template with your team if you need additional input and have the ability to copy and paste the narrative from the template into the online form.

Grant FunderFinal Report TemplateOnline Final
Report Form

PSEG Foundation

Download HereComplete Here

Gardinier Environmental Fund

Download Here

Complete Here


Download Here

Complete Here


Grants Awarded 2021 and Later

Grants awarded in 2021 and onward utilize our new online grants management system. Grant reports can be submitted at any time once the project is completed. The primary contact (the person who set up the grant account) will need to login and complete the report using the corresponding link below. If your contact has changed, email

The final report form can be saved and completed in more than one sitting. Note that only recipients of large grants ($10,000 awards or larger) are required to complete an interim report.

Grant Reporting Deadlines

Unsure when your grant report is due? The Grants Terms and Conditions document sent to all grant application contacts via the post-award email includes the reporting requirements for your specific grant. Misplaced this document? Click the button below to determine your grant's specific reporting deadlines.

Sustainable Jersey Grant Reporting Deadlines

Links to Online Grant Report Forms

You must use the link that matches the funder of your grant award. This link will ask you to sign in to your grant account. After signing in and selecting the grant you would like to submit the report for, you will find the report forms listed towards the top of the page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are unable to log into the report form, confirm the credentials are those used to submit the grant application. Accessing grant report forms requires logging into a different website than the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification application. AT THIS TIME, MICROSOFT EDGE IS NOT A FULLY-COMPATIBLE BROWSER. Learn more about what browsers are supported here.

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