EmPowered Schools 2024-2025

Apply to be an EmPowered School!  The Empowered Schools program provides free support and resources to educate PK-12 students in saving energy and money in their schools and homes.

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG), South Jersey Gas (SJG), and Elizabethtown Gas (ETG) fund the program for schools within the service territories.


Application Information

Now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year.  Apply now!

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Program Information

Schools that are in the NJNG, SJG or ETG service area, or that receive both electricity and gas from PSE&G are eligible to participate in the EmPowered Schools program and can be eligible to participate in Sustainable Jersey for Schools program. Roebling- EmPowered TeamThe program directly engages students for the duration of the school year, integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) principles to promote energy literacy through lesson plans, hands-on activities, and competitions. Students will use the school building and their homes as learning labs to solve real-world problems and generate cultural change by making energy efficiency visible, important, and doable.

The EmPowered activities can be used to earn points toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. 


EmPowered Schools Activities Can Help Your School Earn Certification Points with these Actions:

Professional Development for Sustainability / Priority action / 5 – 20 points

  • Schools and districts earn points for personnel receiving at least two hours of training on sustainability topics.
  • EmPowered Schools: Training workshops for teachers at start of program and mid-year.

Behavior-Based Energy Conservation Programs / 10 points

  • Implement a student-led program that assesses energy use in the school, educates the school community about energy use, and that actively promotes energy-saving behaviors among students and staff.
  • EmPowered Schools: Energy lessons, classroom audits, and campaigns to save energy in school buildings.

Community Education & Outreach / 10 points

  • Schools conduct at least two activities to educate the community about a sustainability topic.
  • EmPowered Schools: Home-based activities to educate families about saving energy.

Green Challenges / 10 points

  • Run a campaign to encourage sustainable behaviors.
  • EmPowered Schools: Home energy saving campaign.

Education for Sustainability / 5 points

  • Teach a lesson and assess student learning of sustainability core principles connected to the topic.
  • EmPowered Schools: Lessons on energy conservation and related topics, including water conservation and environmental justice.


Eligibility Requirements

Schools must be located within NJNG, SJG, or ETG service territories, or receiving both gas and electric service from PSE&G to be eligible.

Questions about EmPowered Schools and applications should be directed to Grace Chen at gchen@ase.org

For questions about Sustainable Jersey for Schools and how to register, please contact JoAnna Contarino at schools@sustainablejersey.com.


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