Program Updates

On a continuous basis, through the help of the task forces, the Certification Standards Committee reviews Sustainable Jersey for Schools program content, standards, and feedback to ensure actions are relevant, appropriate and up-to-date with current best practices. Sustainable Jersey for Schools announces new program and action updates every year at the annual New Jersey School Boards Workshop in October. New actions and action updates are typically implemented by January 1st. 


2022 Retired Actions

The following actions were retired at the end of the 2021-2022 program year:

  • Asthma Friendly Schools
  • Future Ready Schools

2023 Retired Actions

Due to the EPA WasteWise Program no longer accepting WasteWise partners the EPA Waste Wi$e action was retired from the program in February 2023.



2022 - 2023 Action Updates


Energy Efficiency for School Facilities: 5 to 50 Points
This action awards points to schools on a sliding scale for taking increasingly more effective steps that reduce energy consumption in facilities. The action was updated to reflect changes to the energy efficiency incentive programs offered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program and investor-owned utilities.



Previous Program Updates

View Sustainable Jersey for School's Previous Program Updates to learn more about the modifications made from in the past.