Advancing Equity and Anti-Racism Through Ongoing Commitments

On this path towards greater equity, Sustainable Jersey commits to implementing the following measures:

  • Develop, implement and promote actions that advance equity and combat racism in the municipal and school certification programs.

  • Strengthen ongoing efforts to offer targeted outreach and technical support to low-and-moderate-income and distressed municipalities and schools on registration, certification, and grant competitions in our program.

  • Increase diversity and representation on the Board, Certification Standards Committee, and task forces and promote the same on municipal and school green teams and regional hubs.

  • Increase diversity and representation on the staff by enhanced recruitment through existing networks such as New Jersey student and professional associations, as well as historically black colleges and universities and other national associations.

  • Through collaborative projects and consultation, expand partnerships with community-based and statewide organizations which focus on environmental, climate, and/or racial justice, or other anti-racism, anti-oppression, and anti-poverty missions.

  • Host equity-related programming for staff, municipalities, schools, hubs, Board and Task Forces.

We will hold ourselves accountable to these goals and objectives by regular monitoring and reporting of program outputs and equity metrics.

We set these goals and chart our course in a spirit of humility, willing and prepared to challenge ourselves and our assumptions, to learn as we go, and to change -- as individuals, as an organization, and as members of a sustainability movement committed to realizing a future of environmental and social justice for all.