What Can Funding be Used For?

The information below represents the general rules associated with the use of Sustainable Jersey for Schools grant funds.  An Application Information Packet is prepared for each new grant cycle that includes information specific to that opportunity. A webinar will also be held during the grant application period for each grants cycle that will describe in more detail how funding can be used.


Grant Projects

Large Grant Applications ($10,000 and up)

In general, funds must be used to support all or part of a project that will earn points toward a Sustainable Jersey for Schools action Innovative Projects are also acceptable.

For example, Cedar Creek High School was awarded a $10,000 grant to build a mobile STEM trailer. It was outfitted with a generator for electricity, freshwater storage for a working sink, and laboratory equipment—essentially a classroom that could travel to events to engage the community, into the field to do research and to other schools to educate other students.



STEM Mobile Lab
$10,000 grant funded by NJEA

This project gained Cedar Creek High School points under the Innovative Community Project action and helped them achieve Bronze certification. You can read about it in their 2020 Certification Report.

$2,000 Grant Applications

Funds can be used for green team general operating support and direct expenses or to complete a project related to a Sustainable Jersey for Schools action.

For example, Highland Park Middle School used a $2,000 grant to support their green team. One of the goals of the grant was to increase student involvement. This funding aided in the creation of a student environmental club that hosted an Earth Day festival to educate the community on environmental issues.



Green Team Support
$2,000 grant funded by PSEG

This event was used by Highland Park Middle School to gain points under the Community Education and Outreach action and helped them achieve Bronze certification. You can read about it in their 2016 Certification Report.

Oftentimes, the $2,000 grants act as a spark that invigorates a school to work towards certification and continue to pursue sustainability initiatives. Highland Park Middle School's Earth Day event continues to be held annually at the school and has grown in success--you can read about how it was used by the school to achieve Bronze certification again in 2019 here.



Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Please note that eligible and ineligible grant expenses for a specific cycle will be explicitly detailed in the cycle's Application Information Packet.

Eligible Expenses

  • Consultant/contractor service fees
  • Staff stipends
  • Equipment
  • Project supplies
  • Training and educational materials
  • Promotional items including meeting supplies, incentives or awards (subject to certain limits)

Ineligible Expenses

  • Facilities/administrative (overhead) costs
  • Submitting for reimbursement of a project that has already been completed