Green Team Promotion

You are doing great things. Make sure to take time to promote what you are doing. Communication is the bridge that connects people with your good work and will help create funding opportunities and recruit new partners and green team members. From social media to email and media outreach, promotion will help you succeed. Let’s get started.


Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective tools green teams can use to engage the community in its efforts and tell a compelling story. Sustainable Jersey for Schools individual certification actions often include promotional tips in the “What to do and how to do it” and/or the Resources section.

If you have not already done so, connect your school, school green team and personal social media to Sustainable Jersey for Schools and then we will follow you. Tag Sustainable Jersey for Schools in your posts and we will share your content!



Media Releases

Send a media release to your local news outlets to promote an event or sustainable accomplishment. Media releases should be saved for a newsworthy event or story. Sustainable Jersey for Schools will provide you with a media release template when you achieve certification or receive a grant. Contact Sustainable Jersey if you need guidance or a quote to add to your media release or materials at:


Got a Good Story for Us?

Are you breaking new ground, mobilizing your green team to new heights or have you got a great sustainable initiative you are working on? Let us know. Sustainable Jersey for Schools is always looking for schools and projects to spotlight in our e-newsletter, our media releases and for other various publications. Contact us at:


Green Team "Swag"

To help promote and create awareness, green teams have developed unique promotional materials to assist in raising awareness about their work. Below are some examples of green team swag/promotional materials.

  • Business cards
  • Cinch sacks/reusable bags/earth-friendly jute tote with school logo
  • Coloring books about recycling
  • Hats
  • Poster displays
  • Recycled pens with green team logo
  • Recycled jar grippers
  • Table skirt with green team logo
  • Window cling


Sustainable Jersey for Schools
Registered Logo

When your school is registered with Sustainable Jersey, you can have access to the Sustainable Jersey for Schools registered logo. The logo should be used in accordance with Sustainable Jersey for Schools logo guidelines.

To request a registered logo, email



Sustainable Jersey for Schools
Certified Logo

Each certified school receives a customized certified logo that includes its name. Logos are customized for bronze and silver certification.

The logo is emailed to all green team members with access to their school’s certification application at the time the school is certified.

To request a certified logo, email


Sustainable Jersey for Schools
Logo Guidelines

All Sustainable Jersey for Schools logos should be used in accordance with branding guidelines. The Sustainable Jersey Logo Guidelines document provides information about suggested uses for logos, types and formats, manipulation, sizing, and colors. Please carefully review this document before adding a Sustainable Jersey for Schools logo to your materials.

View Logo Guidelines