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Join our efforts to bring about a sustainable New Jersey working one school at a time. Where do you fit in? There are many ways to support district and school initiatives or use your knowledge to advance the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program. With just a few clicks, you can make a big difference. 


Learn How to Register your District or School

Encourage your district or school to start participating in Sustainable Jersey for Schools. 

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Connect with a District or School Green Team

Find your district and school green team contacts to learn more about their activities.

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Attend an Event

Register for a Sustainable Jersey for Schools event or view past event recordings.

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Promote Collaboration

Help amplify community sustainability efforts by pursuing joint municipal and school green team initiatives.

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Support Us

Become a corporate sponsor or make an individual donation. Your contribution will help power our work.

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Volunteer with Us

Put your expertise to good use. Help write actions, review applications, and serve on grant selection committees.

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