Action Development

Sustainable Jersey for Schools actions are developed through a transparent and participatory process. Sustainable Jersey Task Forces made up of representatives from school districts, professional associations, state agencies, universities, non-profits businesses, and other experts serve on the task forces, which research best practices, translate global and state imperatives into local actions, and develop school resources


There are 22 action categories, spanning the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and prosperity. Action categories are listed alphabetically, with corresponding actions within those categories. View all categories and actions here. Each action contains a description outlining why the action is important, who should lead and be involved, the time frame to complete it, project costs and resources needed, what to do and how to do it, what to submit, spotlights highlighting district and school successes, and a list of resources that can assist in completing the action.


Task force members attend meetings as necessary to bring forward new action ideas, suggest actions modifications to keep current with best practices, and to assess program participants progress in successfully completing the actions. Task forces include:


Arts and Culture

This task force works on actions that encourage schools to offer all arts disciplines and to initiate and support creativity in the school community.


Board Leadership and Planning

This task force works on actions that help schools create goals for a more sustainable future, use indicators to track progress towards these goals, and develop action plans that have roles for schools, government, citizens, businesses, and civic organizations.


Digital Schools

New in 2021, this task force will continue the work of the Digital Schools Program Transition committee to support the implementation of the new digital schools’ actions, monitor schools progress successfully completing the actions and research and develop new actions and resources.



This task force develops actions that promote energy efficiency, renewable energy alternatives, and reducing greenhouse gases.


Health and Wellness

This task force addresses actions related to healthy indoor and outdoor school environments, nutritious and local foods, student and staff wellness, and active and safe transportation.


Operations and Maintenance

This task force focuses on the implementation of sustainable policies, procedures, and practices within schools that will help lead to cost savings, healthier and more efficient buildings, and grounds.


Student Learning

This task force develops actions that promote the integration of sustainability concepts and social emotional learning into classroom-based lessons across all disciplines.


Waste Management

This task force focuses on waste reduction and recycling actions for schools. It works in collaboration with the Operations and Maintenance task force.


Sustainable Jersey for Schools encourages volunteers with expertise in these topics to consider joining a task force. Simply complete our Volunteer Interest Form and a Sustainable Jersey for Schools representative will contact you. For more information contact Veronique Lambert, Schools Program Manager at 609-771-2469 or