The Benefit of Trees: An Interdisciplinary Project-Based Unit

Jul 09, 2024
8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Rutgers Lifelong Learning Center

3 Rutgers Plaza New Brunswick, NJ 08901


Trees benefit humans and the planet in numerous ways: they produce oxygen, sequester carbon, filter pollutants from the air and water, and provide shade and wildlife habitats. These essential functions make tree stewardship a critical factor in addressing the causes and impacts of climate change.

This interdisciplinary, project-based unit spans 15-20 hours and can be adapted for a summer program or a sustainability-related elective for grades 8 to 12. Join us for a unit walkthrough and observe students actively engaged in learning. Take advantage of free, practical, ready-to-use lesson plans and the opportunity to collaborate with peers on this important topic.

Event Type: Trainings and Workshops
Event Category: Sustainable Jersey Events and Trainings

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