34 Sustainability Grants Awarded to New Jersey Schools

on Apr 25, 2017

PSEG Foundation funds grants to support integrating sustainability concepts into student learning experiences

At an event held today, Sustainable Jersey for Schools announced the 34 New Jersey schools selected to receive a Sustainable Jersey for Schools grant funded by the PSEG Foundation. Four $10,000 grants and thirty $2,000 grants were distributed to fund a variety of projects including an outdoor science lab, sustainability curriculum, school wellness programs, hydroponic and aeroponic gardens, green walls, wind and solar energy charging stations, recycling and more.

“To be an innovative state, we must support our teachers, administrators and their respective communities as they shape the future of their students and schools for years to come,” said Randall Solomon, the executive director of Sustainable Jersey. He extended his congratulations to all of the schools and districts that received grants. “Grant funding will build capacity as schools embark on sustainability projects that directly benefit the students,” Solomon said.

The PSEG Foundation has contributed over one million dollars in funding to the Sustainable Jersey Small Grants Program. “We are proud to partner with Sustainable Jersey to support and help fund projects that provide sustainable neighborhoods, economic development and STEM education to empower a brighter future. By supporting sustainable education in schools, we can help guide children and engage entire communities in the ways to help transform the environment,” said Ellen Lambert, president of the PSEG Foundation.


  • Four $10,000 Grant Recipients:  John Brainerd Elementary School, Ocean City Primary School, South Orange Middle School and Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School.
  • Thirty $2,000 Grant Recipients:  Caroline L. Reutter Elementary School, Cedar Drive Middle School, Cherry Hill High-East High School, Clearview Regional High School, Conover Road Primary School, Dennis Township Elementary School, Edith Ort Thomas Elementary School, Elms Elementary School, Fieldstone Middle School, Gateway Regional High School, George J. Mitchell Elementary School, Glen Rock High School, Grace M. Breckwedel Middle School, H. Russell Swift Elementary School, Hampton Elementary School, Harding Township School, Island Heights Elementary School, Lawrenceville Elementary School, Northern Burl. County Reg. Sr. High School, Number 3 Elementary School, Pace Charter School of Hamilton, Passaic Valley High School, Pearl R. Miller Middle School, Reeds Road Elementary School, Robert C. Wood Sr Early Childhood Center, Roxbury High School, Teaneck Community Charter School, Thomas E. Bowe Elementary School, Veterans Memorial Elementary School and Watchung Hills Regional High School.

Proposals were evaluated by an independent Blue Ribbon Selection Committee. The Sustainable Jersey for Schools grants are intended to help school districts and schools make progress toward a sustainable future in general, and specifically toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. Currently 256 districts and 634 schools have registered to work toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.

Recipients of $10,000 Sustainable Jersey for Schools Project Grants






John Brainerd Elementary School

Mount Holly Township

Outdoor Science Classroom (SMILE Lab): The school will create an outdoor area for students to explore a Science Is Motivation through Innovation and Life Exploration (SMILE) curriculum. It will have multiple centers for studying life sciences (including plant and animal life cycles), sustainability practices, earth science exploration, and physical science projects while encouraging creative/purposeful play.

Cape May

Ocean City Primary School

Ocean City

School Garden and Sustainability Education: The school will expand its garden and outdoor classroom to accommodate students of every grade level and incorporate math into gardening and sustainability lessons. The expansion will consist of a butterfly garden, a native bird garden, raised planting beds for vegetables, a composting bin area, benches, a memorial garden, and a grid patio for math and science lessons.


South Orange Middle School

South Orange-Maplewood

River Curriculum Development: The school will purchase additional equipment to expand its River Curriculum to include students from Maplewood Middle School and Columbia High School. More of the area around the Rahway River will be used to allow for more students to learn about water quality, biodiversity, and how to design and complete their own independent study projects.


Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School


School Wellness Program: The school will create a wellness program that includes performing a school health assessment, developing a school health improvement plan, and expanding physical activity programs. Some new programs include swimming, yoga, and nutrition education classes.


Recipients of $2,000 Sustainable Jersey for Schools Project Grants



School District

Project Title


H. Russell Swift Elementary School

Egg Harbor Township

Wonderful Water: Water Refill Stations: Water bottle refilling stations will be created by refitting old water fountains with a fill spout and filtered coolers in order to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.


Reeds Road Elementary School

Galloway Township

Bubba's Outdoor Classroom: The school will create an outdoor classroom using previously funded composting bins, rain barrels, plants, a storage shed, raised beds and newly funded seating and tables for students.


Glen Rock High School

Glen Rock

Glen Rock Composting Initiative: A pilot program will be created where students will learn how to properly dispose of their compostable cafeteria trays and food scraps. These materials will be collected the Community Composting Company and ultimately used to fertilize agricultural lands.


Fieldstone Middle School


Fieldstone's Hydroponic Garden: A hydroponic garden will be assembled and maintained by students and used to explore STEM-related activities, teach food sustainability education, and to supplement current science curriculums.


Teaneck Community Charter School

Teaneck Community Charter

Aeroponic Garden and Health Event: The school will create two tower gardens to provide fresh food for the school, teach sustainable urban gardening practices, and curriculum-based science lessons. A community health event will be held to promote awareness, donate food to shelters, and show local senior citizens the growing process.


Northern Burl. County Reg. Sr. High School

Northern Burlington County Regional

Enhanced Agriscience Program: The Agriscience Program will be supplemented with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Organic Lawn Care educational program that will use biological controls in the three greenhouses. Various classes and hands-on opportunities will result from this program, including a turf experiment.


Cherry Hill High-East High School

Cherry Hill

Update Greenhouse for Year-Round Use: A heating and insulation system will be installed in the school greenhouse to allow it to be used year-round by the environmental studies students and cooking classes.

Cape May

Dennis Township Elementary School

Dennis Township

Physical Activity Program: The school will provide students with enhanced opportunities for physical activity and expand the programming to include a fitness program for pre-k students


Number 3 Elementary School


BEE Green School Garden: A school garden will be created and run by teachers trained by the City Green Garden Program to teach 28 units of study, each consisting of three or more lessons that cover math, history, art, science, and language.


Clearview Regional High School

Clearview Regional High

"Lights Out": An Energy Conservation Campaign: A green team coordinator will be hired to create a “lights out” campaign that challenges participants (made up of students, staff, families, and community members) to turn off the lights in classrooms and homes.


Gateway Regional High School

Gateway Regional

Improve Cafeteria Recycling Program: The school green team will eliminate the use of Styrofoam trays in the cafeteria by replacing them with reusable trays and improve the signage for trash/recycling stations in an effort to improve recycling in the cafeteria.


Thomas E. Bowe Elementary School


The Bowe Green Project Library: The school will create a “green” library that consists of organic farming, sustainability, and green living literature and online content for students to enjoy in an outdoor space.


Caroline L. Reutter Elementary School

Township of Franklin

Introduce Grow-Labs into Ecology Class: Grow Labs will be introduced into the sixth-grade ecology science unit curriculum allowing students to grow different fruits and vegetables throughout the year and perform science experiments.


Edith Ort Thomas Elementary School

Frenchtown Borough

Frenchtown Walk to Breakfast Program: A "Walk to Breakfast" program, modeled off a similar successful Hunterdon County school program, will be created as a way to increase participation in the free/reduced breakfast program by eligible students.


Hampton Elementary School

Hampton Borough

Hampton Walk to Breakfast Program: The current "Walk to Breakfast" program will continue to be offered as a way to increase participation in the free/reduced breakfast program by eligible students and also to continue serving as a model for other schools to replicate.


Lawrenceville Elementary School

Lawrence Township

Yoga in the Classroom: Staff members will attend a seminar to teach them how to implement yoga into their classrooms as a way to provide motor breaks for students in an effort to promote healthy mindsets and wellness.


Pace Charter School of Hamilton

Pace Charter School of Hamilton

Pace Fresh-Vegetables from our Green House: Parents will construct a greenhouse to serve as an outdoor classroom for students who do not have access to safe outdoor spaces. The garden will produce fresh vegetables for the school and used to enhance curriculum.


Grace M. Breckwedel Middle School


Green Wall Vertical Garden: The school will purchase a “green wall” to enhance the curriculum and allow students to grow plants, such as herbs and leafy greens, year-round that can be used in the cafeteria.


Cedar Drive Middle School

Colts Neck Township

Wind and Solar Energy Charging Stations: Solar and wind turbine charging stations will be installed and monitored by students using power creation/consumption meters.


Conover Road Primary School

Colts Neck Township

Recycle Mania: A Recycling Campaign: The school green team will launch a recycling campaign that includes a “Recycle Mania” assembly for students in grades K-2 and various promotional materials.


Harding Township School

Harding Township

Water Refilling Stations Installation: Two new water refilling stations will be installed and two replacement filters will be purchased. Students will put together an educational presentation for the Board of Education to promote use of reusable water bottles.


Pearl R. Miller Middle School


New Hydration Stations: After the success of a similar project completed by a local high school in the same district, Pearl R. Miller will buy three hydration stations to decrease the amount of plastic water bottles used by students and faculty.


Roxbury High School

Roxbury Township

Seeds of Sustainability: School Garden: The school will purchase aeroponic tower gardens to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables for students and faculty that will be maintained by students in service learning programs and the environmental club. The garden will be used to teach various lessons, including science, sustainability, and healthy eating.


Veterans Memorial Elementary School

Brick Township

Environmental Awareness Campaign: The school green team will develop educational materials for k-5 students to distribute at the township green fair.


Island Heights Elementary School

Island Heights Board of Education

Sea Devils Rain Garden and Barrel Tour: Students will participate in the county-wide Barnegat Bay Blitz Rain Barrel Challenge to support Barnegat Bay restoration efforts and install a rain garden to address flooding around the school playground.


Elms Elementary School

Jackson Township

Elms' School Garden: A school garden, consisting of fruit and vegetable plants, herbs, flowers, and a sensory plot, will be created for pre-k through fifth grade students to learn about healthy food options.


George J. Mitchell Elementary School

Little Egg Harbor Township

Green Team Earth Day Celebration: The green team will participate in a Community Senior Fair and hold a week-long Earth Day celebration that consists of school programs, such as a recycling magic show and a 2-hour community celebration on April 22, 2017.


Robert C. Wood Sr Early Childhood Center

Little Egg Harbor Township

Composting Program: The school will purchase composting bins to teach pre-school classes how to compost and why it is important.


Passaic Valley High School

Passaic Valley Regional High

The Courtyard Garden Project: A team of students and teachers will create a school garden featuring vegetables, pollinators, and a weather center. This garden will serve as an outdoor classroom for students and will enrich the autistic, culinary, and general education classes.


Watchung Hills Regional High School

Watchung Hills Regional High

Recycling Stations: The school will purchase recycling bins to place throughout the school and encourage students and faculty to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Quotes from Select $10,000 Grant Recipients (alphabetical by New Jersey County)

“I am confident the SMILE Lab (Science is Motivation through Innovation and Life Exploration), an original design of the District, will be an incredible asset to the preschool to second grade students at the John Brainerd Elementary School by bringing science to life. The sustainability aspects of the SMILE Lab affect both people and planet. The outdoor classroom will be a place where students can discover life science, earth science, physical science and engineering practices in their school’s backyard. Young scientists will be at work through creative and purposeful play.”-- James E. DiDonato, Superintendent of Schools, Mount Holly Township School District, Burlington County


“The grant provides a tremendous opportunity to advance sustainability at the Ocean City Primary School.  All of our district's campuses are located just blocks from the bay on one side and the ocean on the other, which provides Ocean City's students with a particularly strong affinity with the natural environment and healthy living. The program funded by PSEG Foundation through a Sustainable Jersey grant will encourage every student to take an active part in growing healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables, while also incorporating lessons in science, math, writing, social studies, art and other subject areas. With designated gardens for each grade level, this will truly be a collaborative, school-wide endeavor.” - Mrs. Scotty Keiluhn, Secretary to the Superintendent, Ocean City School District, Cape May County


"The Rahway River Field Work Project centered around South Orange's River Day has been a fruitful experience for all 7th graders, engaging them in a meaningful learning experience which extends students outside of the walls of the classroom.” -- Anthony Cicenia, Seventh Grade Science Teacher and South Orange Middle School Green Team member, South Orange Middle School, Essex County


“With the Rahway River Field Work Project and through the process of inquiry and experiential learning, students are able to enhance their knowledge of our local watershed and the importance of preserving and restoring the ecosystem.” -- Kimberly Beane, STEM Supervisor, South Orange and Maplewood School District, South Orange Middle School, Essex County


“The science department at South Orange Middle School does an absolutely wonderful job creating learning opportunities that extend outside of the classroom and into the community. The Rahway River Field Work Project is an experience that students will remember for the rest of their life.” -- Lynn Irby, South Orange Middle School Principal and Green Team Member, South Orange Middle School, Essex County


“Hedgepeth Williams Middle School of the Arts is very honored to be the recipient of the 2017 Sustainable Jersey for Schools Small Grant.  With this grant, our school’s wellness council will implement a comprehensive physical and environmental activity program that provides opportunities for all students to be physically active before, during, and after school. The outcomes of this program will yield improved psychosocial and physical wellbeing in our students which will in turn positively impact their overall academic experience. Through the support of the grant and the employment of measurable/attainable targets, creative activities and practical materials, we will educate students on healthy lifestyle choices that will promote holistic wellness.  We will expand our Fitness Club, implement kinesthetic activities in classrooms and provide opportunities for structured physical activities throughout the day.  Additionally, we will continue to support students' conscious healthy eating by teaching the fundamentals of gardening/urban farming.” – Adrienne Hill, Principal, Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School of the Arts, Mercer County

Quotes from Select $2,000 Grant Recipients (alphabetical by New Jersey County)

“Thank you so much to Sustainable Jersey for Schools and PSEG for providing the grant funding to support our school. We are so excited that the “Wonderful Water Grant” will give students, staff, parents and community members attending, working or visiting Swift School access to clean filtered water through a bottle refilling station and to reduce the waste produced by single use bottled water and other single use bottled drinks.  This will also encourage the healthy habit of drinking water verses other sugary unhealthy drinks. Thank you again for allowing us this opportunity to promote "green" and healthy living in our school!” -- Melissa Newhall, Grant Writer/First Grade Teacher, H. Russell Swift Elementary School, Atlantic County


"Reeds Road School is thrilled that we have received a grant from Sustainable Jersey Schools. This grant will allow us to add seating to our Outdoor Classroom. With this grant, our students will be afforded the opportunity to learn outside about composting, rain harvesting, recycling, nutrition and gardening.” -- Donna McAvoy, 2nd Grade Teacher, Reeds Road Sustainability Chairperson, Reeds Roads Elementary School, Atlantic County


“We are very grateful that Sustainable Jersey for Schools selected Fieldstone Middle School to receive a $2,000 grant. Our Project, “STEM Exploration Through Hydroponics and Food Sustainability,” will provide opportunities for students to build, establish, and maintain gardens in science classes and clubs in order to foster essential understandings about life science and food sustainability. The authentic application of this program will be to explore food donations to the school cafeteria, related clubs, and community organizations.” - Gina McCormack, Principal, Fieldstone Middle School, Bergen County


“We are excited and appreciative of this grant. This will allow us to further enhance our work with our cafeteria provider to offer healthier food choices and expanded options. Special thanks to Erica Jones for her passion with this project and for spearheading this effort.” - John Arlotta, Principal, Glen Rock High School, Bergen County


“Glen Rock Public Schools are proud to be a part of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program. Each year our public schools look to improve sustainable practices aimed at enriching the learning experience and preserving the environment for future generations.”  -- Paula Valenti, Superintendent of Glen Rock Public Schools, Glen Rock High School, Bergen County


"All of us at the Teaneck Community Charter School are thrilled and honored to be a recipient of the Sustainable Jersey grant funded by the PSEG Foundation.  We are excited to bring aeroponic tower gardens into our school and incorporate them into our S.T.E.M. curriculum.  Our Green Team is eager to grow our own produce and educate our students and community on the importance of good nutrition.  We are grateful for the resources that have been made available to us through Sustainable Jersey and the PSEG Foundation and we look forward to creating a more sustainable, healthy environment.” -- Leandra Galasso, LCSW, Supervisor of Special Services, Green Team Leader, Teaneck Community Charter School, Bergen County


“Teachers and students will utilize IPM Education and Organic Lawn Care in our Agriscience Program. The IPM program will utilize Biological Controls in our three greenhouses, identification of the pest, justification of which biological control, and follow the use of the control as needed in the greenhouse.  Students will learn Integrated Pest Management in our Greenhouse, Biology of Agriscience, Advanced Plant Science, and Nursery/Landscape classes.  Hands-on opportunity will be provided for turf plots that represent turf grown in the Northeast and the Nursery/Landscape Class will maintain the plots using organic methods as learned in the classroom.  Synthetic methods will also be incorporated so students can evaluate the pros and cons of each method.  Students will set up the turf plots, seed/sod the eight areas of selected varieties of turf and maintain the turf plots throughout the year.  Signage will be placed on the plots to use in identifying each turf plot so the Northern school community can learn and identify varieties of turf.” – Sally A. Lopez Ed. D., Principal, Northern Burlington County Regional Sr. High School, Burlington County


"Belleville Elementary School #3 is thrilled to be a recipient of this grant award from Sustainable Jersey.  With this grant, we can continue our efforts to teach and learn about sustainable farming with our students.  We hope to foster a desire in our students to better understand the role that each of them plays in promoting sustainability at home and throughout our community!” -- Caleb Rhodes, Principal, Belleville School #3, Essex County


"We appreciate your seed money which will enable Clearview to cultivate the next generation of caretakers of our planet.” -- John Horchak, III, Superintendent, Clearview Regional School District, Gloucester County


“We are very excited to have acquired the Sustainable Jersey for Schools grant. With the grant funding, our school will the further develop our school garden. The garden is an inclusive education project that for the opportunity for general and special education students to work cooperatively while learning about this practical application experience. Moreover, the grant funding will allow our existing science curriculum to expand with practical applications and hydroponics as well as an enhanced learning experience. Sixth grade students through their science curriculum will have opportunities to conduct research while utilizing the gardening experience.” -- Theodore Peters, Principal, Caroline L. Reutter Elementary School, Gloucester County


"Gateway Regional High School is proud to receive the Sustainable Jersey for Schools grant funded by PSEG Foundation.  As we transition to a more sustainable school environment, it is encouraging to know that we are supported by corporations in New Jersey like PSEG.  Thank you for your support.” -- Brian Dericks, Green Team Advisor, Gateway Regional High School, Gloucester County


“At Hampton Public School we believe that it is extremely important for our students to have the opportunity not only to have a healthy breakfast before learning can commence, but also exercise to get the blood moving and the mind working. Statistics show that students who engage in both eating breakfast and a daily exercise program are more successful students.” -- Michael Jones, Chief School Administrator, Hampton Elementary School, Hunterdon County


“The Mindful Moments of Movement grant at Lawrenceville Elementary School (LES) will be used to provide our staff with Professional Development using Yoga 4 Classrooms (Tools for Learning; Lessons for Life). Implementing moments of movement at LES will improve the focus, emotional health and overall well-being of our students.  We collectively plan to empower our students with effective skills to increase functionality and productivity throughout the school day and in their daily lives." -- Melissa Lockett, Principal, Lawrenceville Elementary School, Mercer County


“I am so very pleased that the Pace Charter School of Hamilton is the recipient of the 2017 Sustainable Jersey for Schools and PSEG grant award. This grant will directly support our greenhouse initiative.  Having a working greenhouse, will help our students learn and participate in year-round gardening, while fostering student nutrition and healthy eating in our school. I am especially proud of our green team and their commitment to not only creating this program for our students, but for striving to develop lifelong gardeners. The resources being provided would not have been possible without the generous support of the 2017 Sustainable Jersey for Schools and PSEG grant.” – Debbie Pontoriero, Principal, Pace Charter School of Hamilton, Mercer County


"Cedar Drive Middle School (CDMS) students will be “Powering Up” to research, explore and compare alternative forms of energy production. Students in grades 6-8 will use their discoveries to identify more efficient ways to charge our electronic devices. By having our students analyze innovative means of energy, we are encouraging CDMS students to make responsible decisions that will positively impact our school community.” -- Colin Rigby, Principal, Cedar Drive Middle School, Monmouth County


“The preschool through 2nd grade students at Conover Road Primary School are excited to learn more about the role they play in keeping our Earth clean. The students are learning how important it is to recycle and, as a school, we are committed to teaching them the practical, everyday activities they can do to recycle.” -- Tricia Barr, Principal,

Conover Road Primary School, Monmouth County


“Environmental education and sustainability practice in schools have emerged as an important topic in 21st century education. We have a responsibility to help students begin to understand our environmental footprint and how we as individuals can think wisely about the environment we share. We are grateful to Sustainable Jersey for Schools and the PSEG Foundation for awarding Harding Township School this grant. I would like to add special thanks to Mrs. Susan Engelsman for spearheading this effort for our school." -- Matthew Spelker, Superintendent of Harding Township Schools, Harding Township School, Morris County


“Roxbury High School (RHS) is proud to be a recipient of a grant from Sustainable Jersey Schools. Seeds of Sustainability (SOS) is a project that will benefit the entire RHS community. RHS will be purchasing vertical aeroponic growing systems that will be placed in the student dining hall. Designed to create a lush green and tranquil atmosphere these unique systems will provide year-round growing and access to healthy herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Students will utilize the produce in our culinary arts classes.  Additionally, the gardens will be maintained by students enrolled in our transitional programs as they prepare for young adulthood and beyond.  In addition to growing our own produce, teaching nutritional habits, and promoting environmental sustainability, we are preparing our students to become global citizens. Seeds of Sustainability (SOS) supports our goal of creating well rounded, healthy, and informed students who understand the need for environmental awareness and sustainability.” – Denise E. Glenn, Supervisor of Science 6-12, Roxbury Township Public Schools, Morris County


"In anticipation of receiving our bronze certification from Sustainable Jersey for Schools, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to create our own rain garden and beautify our facility by receiving this $2000 Sustainable Jersey grant funded by the PSEG Foundation.” -- Tim Rehm, Superintendent of Island Heights School District, Island Heights Elementary School, Ocean County


“We are so pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Sustainable Jersey for Schools and the PSEG Foundation in our efforts to promote "Green" activities and initiatives at Veterans Memorial Elementary School. Thank you for your support!” - Colleen Kerr, Principal, Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Ocean County


“The Little Egg Harbor School District’s Robert C. Wood Early Childhood Center staff and students are so very grateful for the generous grant they received from Sustainable Jersey for Schools funded by the PSEG Foundation. It will help bring composting to our pre-school. The children will learn the importance of making use of all our resources including unused food scraps from their family style lunches. They will work hand-in-hand with their teachers and assistants to learn the process of composting from beginning to end. Out thanks go out to PSEG and Sustainable Jersey for Schools for their continued support of our school becoming more sustainable. We would also like to say that without the continued support of both the Board of Education and administration, our involvement in these important initiatives would not be possible.” – Katrina Reigelman, Energy Manager. Robert C. Wood Sr. Early Childhood Center, Ocean County


"George J. Mitchell Elementary School, part of the Little Egg Harbor School District is honored to have received one of the generous grants from Sustainable Jersey for Schools funded by the PSEG Foundation. With these funds our school/district green team will be able to provide educational/conservation programs to our district students. It also makes it possible for our community to become more aware of what our staff and students do every day to be better stewards of the environment through programs and handouts. Thank you, PSEG and Sustainable Jersey for Schools, in helping us on the road to sustainability. We would also like to thank our Board of Education and Administration for their continued support of our involvement in these important programs.” – Katrina Reigelman, Energy Manager, George J. Mitchell Elementary School, Ocean County


"The Elms Elementary School in Jackson is honored to be a recipient of a $2,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey for Schools, funded by the PSEG Foundation.  We look forward to providing an outdoor learning space to be utilized by our students and staff.  This space will offer inclusion opportunities for our students, opportunities to nurture and enhance their sensory systems. Teachers will also be able to incorporate STEM learning, health and nutritional education opportunities and much more.  We are excited to move forward with our school’s sustainability efforts.” -- Jessica Fioretti, Speech Language Pathologist, Elms Elementary School, Ocean County


“We appreciate the help that this grant provides as we strive to make our school more sustainable and our students more aware of the impact they can have on the world around them.  Students will have the opportunity to grow fresh vegetables indoors on a vertical wall as they learn about fresh healthy options and the benefits of locally grown food.” – Chad Donahue, Principal, Grace M. Breckwedel Middle School, Middlesex County


"It is nothing less than inspiring the way that our STEAM focused Professional Learning Community (PLC) of eight teachers from five departments have come together to spearhead this project that will ultimately impact the entire school community.  It is a living example that unity of departments, faculty, staff, students, administration, board of education members and community support groups can work towards a goal with the proper time, effort, planning and creative thinking applied.” -- Ray Rotella, Principal, Passaic Valley Regional High School, Passaic County


“The Garden Project offers all involved students, including our special needs population, an outlet for creativity and the opportunity to gain skills that will not only benefit the PV community, but will assist them in their endeavors beyond the walls of the school as well. The build day will be an exciting one for all of us!” -- Dr. JoAnn Cardillo, Superintendent of Schools, Passaic Valley Regional High School District, Passaic County


"The Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification process has called for representatives from all aspects of school operation - facilities, food service, health, curriculum and instruction, finance -  to collaborate to ensure that we are doing our part as a district to promote and model sustainable practices. As educators, it is not only our responsibility to prepare our students to succeed in a changing world, but also to help ensure the world’s resources are still abundant for future generations to enjoy as we have. The grant will help us expand our capacity to address sustainability issues - specifically, the purchase of additional, more prominent recycling bins will help to encourage all members of our learning community to recycle.” -- Elizabeth C. Jewett, Superintendent, Watchung Hills Regional High School District, Somerset County