Is your School a Digital Schools Star?

Digital Schools Star Recognition

A Digital Schools Star embraces the mindful implementation of effective digital learning and communication tools, resources, and practices –
a commitment that is evident in its mission, culture, classrooms, and interactions with its stakeholders.

Schools that have met the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification requirements are eligible to earn Digital Schools Star recognition in the same application cycle if they successfully complete the required actions. Working towards Digital Schools Star status will help schools achieve both certification and Digital Schools Star recognition.

Current List of Digital Schools Stars

Digital Schools Star Requirements

Schools can earn recognition as a Digital Schools Star by meeting the following requirements as part of their certification application:

  1. Successfully complete a minimum of 7 of the new 12 Digital Schools actions. Some of these actions are District Only and would be completed in the District application.
  2. Successfully complete three of the Student Learning actions with documentation submitted for lessons delivered in a remote digital or hybrid learning environment. NOTE: Schools with fewer than three grade levels are only required to complete one Student Learning action per grade level.
  3. Successfully complete one of the School Culture and Climate actions. The submission must include steps taken to address the challenges associated with a remote digital or hybrid learning environment.

To view all actions that can contribute towards Digital School Star recognition, select the Digital Schools search filter on the Actions page.

How to Apply for Digital Schools Star Recognition

To apply for Digital Schools Star recognition a school must submit both a certification application and a Digital Schools Star application. The Digital Schools Star application comprises the one action below. The action requires the school to identify the Digital Schools actions in its certification application that have been approved or that are anticipated to be approved by the end of the certification cycle. It is recommended that a school wait until the second or final application submission deadline to submit the Digital Schools Star application since the recognition is contingent on actions being approved in its certification application.