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Sustainable Jersey for Schools has become the leading proponent of sustainability in New Jersey’s schools and a model for the rest of the country!

The program is dedicated to helping make schools greener, healthier and more resilient to the local effects of climate change. Whether school green teams are creating school gardens and innovative outdoor classrooms, integrating sustainability into their curriculum, teaching students energy-saving behaviors for inside and outside of the classroom, or accomplishing any of the dozens of important actions in our program, Sustainable Jersey for Schools has made an indelible and collective impact throughout New Jersey’s schools.

Sustainable Jersey for Schools provides schools and students with the tools, training and financial incentives to support and reward them as they lead the way to improve and address our most important statewide sustainability issues.

With the launch of Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools, we also stand ready to help them tackle our “new normal” of digital and remote learning. Education is a pillar of sustainability. Students must master technology to become productive citizens, educators must master technology to become effective teachers, and schools must become adept at using technology to address online learning and communications with parents and communities. In December 2020, 12 new digital schools actions were launched that provide guidance to schools on digital learning leadership, digital learning practices, and access to technology.

But we need your support to move this important work forward! Please consider donating to Sustainable Jersey for Schools so that we are able to continue our mission to create a brighter future, one school at a time. Sustainable Jersey is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Sustainable Jersey is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your contribution is tax deductible. The EIN number is 45-3848336.